Here’s a love story that’s like something out of a Nora Roberts novel: high school sweethearts are head-over-heels in love but then find out they are pregnant. After they give up the baby for adoption, her family forces her to separate from him. He joins the military and for the next 53 years, they don’t see each other. But then…

In 1961, Karen and Denny were head over heels for one another but when she got pregnant, her family took her to a home for unwed mothers. He only got to visit a couple of times, including the day their daughter was born. They gave the baby up for adoption, Denny went off to the military. When he got back he proposed but again her family thwarted her wishes and sent her away to college. And despite their wishes, they drifted apart.

“I never stopped thinking about her,” Denny said, even though decades passed without knowing where she was. Until one day he decided to do an online search for Karen, found her and flew to Washington state to meet her. They were married 36 hours later!

But the love story doesn’t stop there because they decided to try to contact their daughter who they’d give up for adoption. Watch the full video below to see how it all turns out and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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