Man Uses a Bit of Sand To Transform Dirty Sidewalks Into Colorful Art

The human mind is like a wide ocean. You never know how deep it is.

Your imagination and creativity are limitless. A person has the only control over how much he can imagine and think of. Creative people will never stop thinking of creative ideas and innovations.

p12 sand art

p12 sand art

p14 sand art

p15 sand art

p16 sand art

p18 sand art

p19 sand art
Artist at work. Photo by David Griffiths.

p20 sand art

p21 sand art

p22 sand art

In fact, they will keep thinking of activities that will keep them going. This man is the same. It is fair to say he is a magical artist. His work makes dirty sidewalks look beautiful and expensive with some colorful sand.

p23 sand art
Artist Joe Mangrum in Chicago.

The colors will brighten your mood. Watch the full video below!

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