Jeanne Robertson Explains Why You Never Send A Man To The Grocery Store

When we are in the audience laughing at a joke that a comedian just utter is simple. We pay for the ticket and enjoy the rest of the ride. Once we come out, we scrutinize the act. Use the jokes that we can tell our family and feel refreshed with all the joy. But what if the roles were reversed?

Could you possibly imagine captivating the gaze of individuals waiting impatiently to laugh at jokes? Well, they pay for it, the same reason they expect a fun show. For many of us, it sounds intimidating. But for amazing storytellers like Jeanne Robertson, it should be a piece of her pound cake. Don’t worry; by the end, you will understand the metaphor.

Jeanne is not only a humorist but a motivational speaker too. She began her career as teaching. Gradually discover her love for speaking. With hard work and passion, Jeanne made a career out, making people laugh and motivating them along the way. She has done so much for my mental being than I can’t possibly imagine. In the video below, she shares one of the hilarious grocery trips of her husband.

Please press play and get ready to be entertained.

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