This is one of the most heartwarming videos you will find on the internet. Literally so wholesome.

I doubt there is just anyone in this world who does not love Tom Hanks. We all love Tom Hanks now come on! And, we also know that this amazing man is just as wholesome in real life as he is in his movies. This video will make you fall in love with the actor all the more than you already do. Not to also mention his adorable 6-year-old daughter who accompanies him in making everyone laugh out loud.

tom hanks and daughter in toddlers and tiara

So wholesome honestly. The way Jimmy Kimmel brings kids and celebrities to the show makes his show even better. This show has never failed to make me laugh out loud. And, this is definitely a video you should watch on a bad day. This will for sure make your day much better than it is going.

We bet you will love this video. Watch the full video below!

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