Jack Russell Teaches Baby to Crawl – You Will Giggle for Sure

Here’s a video has two cuteness factors–a baby and a Jack Russell terrier–that will combine to make you smile for sure.

This five-month-old baby is just learning to move around but hasn’t quite mastered the art of crawling yet. He’s scooting, bouncing and doing all the things babies do right before they actually get up on all fours.

And Griffin, the family’s Jack Russell terrier, stands by watching until he figures out what Little Brother is trying to do. Then he decides what this boy needs is a demonstration!

So “Griff Griff” gets down on his belly, just like Brother, and shows him how to get mobile. Needless to say, Brother loves it! And his squeals of happiness, combined with the dog’s lessons, are sure to have you smiling.

You will love this for sure. Watch the full video below!

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