She Searched Her Doggo Everywhere but Naughty Isabella Was Hiding in an Unusual Spot

Dogs are the best friends we can have. They are very intelligent creatures and can be trained to do almost anything. Years of living and working beside us have made them develop a sense of communication with us. They have been domesticated over the centuries, and now when they’re in your home, it feels so much more complete. Occasionally, they can be up to some hilarious antics though!

When you have a dog in your home, it is definitely some added responsibility. You need to house train them and make sure that they know their limits. Potty training them to make them do their business outside is a must, and so is letting them know where they are and are not allowed around the house. The pooch in the following video, however, has a very unusual favorite spot in the house that bewilders even her owner.

Meet Isabella. This German Shepherd loves hanging out on the kitchen counter! While most dogs would love to sneak some snacks off the kitchen counter, Isabella just loves being on it! Her mom reminds her that she is not allowed on it, but she doesn’t seem to pay much heed. Even after the reminder, the owner finds Isabella on the counter. Perhaps she just loves the cool feeling of the granite! Check out the full video below:

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