32-year-old chimp held captive all her life, has heartwarming reaction when she’s finally free

Just like people, animals also get depressed when alone and confined in a small prison-like space. When they are isolated, it’s hard for them to learn about their natural way of life and tend to do things that are out of the usual. Unlike free animals, they cannot adapt easily and socialize with their kind due to the long isolation process that they’ve been accustomed to.

Iris, a 34-year-old chimpanzee has been locked up for so long in a cramped dark cell with practically nothing to do but nestle with her dirty blanket. She has also been seen smearing her own excrement on her cell walls just like prison inmates have been reported to do. This poor animal has been held at a roadside zoo in Georgia for many years, and at long last something was finally done to help her escape such a wretched place.

With the help of a charitable benefactor, Iris was saved by PETA and has been brought to Florida, to the Save the Chimps sanctuary. When Iris arrived, she was said to be overweight and her limbs were quite weak due to the lack of exercise. But after a few days, she has been enjoying her freedom from the tiny room she used to live in. She was even introduced to her neighbor chimp, Abdul, which was the first sighting of her kind for years. The two have become good friends immediately!

Watch the video below to see how Iris and Abdul have come to bond.

You can see both of them smiling with utter happiness as they hug each other as if they’ve known each other for years! Soon, Iris will also be introduced to others of her kind, and she will no longer be alone ever again!

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