When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be just like my mother. Parents are usually a child’s first role model. So, no wonder most kids wish to do the jobs their Mom or Dad have. Moreover, some kids grow up going to their guardian’s workplace. And this increases their interest in the family occupation. And this is precisely what happened to little Hunter!

When you are a dance teacher, you have to teach the same choreographies over and over again. This means that you play the same songs repeatedly during a recital. Moreover, you have to learn all the music by heart to know the dancing cues. And as it turns out, the students weren’t the only ones paying attention to this instructor!

dance teacher son


18-month-old Hunter was showing great interest in the dance that his Mom was instructing. So, one day she had an idea to put him the center stage for a change! As Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied” starts to play, Hunter listens attentively but doesn’t move. Additionally, the toddler looks adorable with his hat on! But as soon as the music picks up, he starts dancing with great enthusiasm. Furthermore, he’s a natural at moving his body to the rhythm of the upbeat song! Watch the cute video below:

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