Angry Woman Threatens Flight Attendant’s Job Over Crying Baby – Gets Instant Karma

Here’s a video that shows sometimes it’s better to just deal with life’s little hassles internally rather than make a scene. This woman was seen causing problems on board a Delta flight due to an infant’s crying. After being rude to everyone and shouting at a flight attendant, she definitely got what she deserved.

Have you ever had the chance of being on the same flight with a mother and her infant? Well if you have, you’ll know that there will be instances that the baby will cry from time to time, especially if it’s the baby’s first time to fly on a plane. This kind of occurrence will be a bit hard to avoid though the parents will do everything to keep their baby comfortable and calm. The co-passengers on the other hand, as expected to be good fellow human beings, ought to try and understand or empathize at least with other people’s inevitable situations and do their best to adopt as well.

But unfortunately, not everyone can be as understanding. Just like this rude woman who apparently caused a scene inside a plane because a 7-month-old baby was crying and she couldn’t handle it. The woman named Susan Peirez was caught on video while she was yelling at a Delta cabin crew when asked if she would like to be placed on the next flight. She was so ill-mannered that she even told the mother to “Shut the f*** up.”

As seen on the video the cabin crew was talking to her politely as possible to supposedly calm her down. As the woman was asked for her name, she then replied rudely saying “you might not have a job tomorrow.”

With that, the flight attendant requested for Peirez to be transferred to the next flight, which upon hearing, Peirez automatically declined and apologized for how she acted. She was even caught yelling for no reason that she works for the governor and it was later found out that the she works for the New York State Council on the Arts, and after the incident, the council has removed Peirez’s name and image from their official website. She was also placed on leave as a consequence of her repulsive behavior on the flight. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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