New Mom Texts Her Active Serviceman Husband That the Twins Came Early – He’s Right Behind Her

The life of active service members is tough. They have to miss significant events in the name of duty. Undoubtedly, the most heartbreaking is missing the birth of your children. And it almost happened to Skylar Cooper. The military man and is away from his wife Cydney for most months. However, last year things became a little more complicated. Right after Skyler was deployed for a new tour to Kuwait, Cydney found out that she was pregnant. Moreover, she was pregnant with twins!

The expecting parents were ecstatic, and Skyler even cleared time for the babies’ arrival. However, things don’t always go as planned. Cydney got the flu, and she had to have an emergency C-section. She could not even hold her babies until she got well again. Finally, when she held her babies, she clicked a photo of them to share it with her husband. It turns out it wasn’t necessary at all!


Cydney got the surprise of her life as her husband was right behind her. Skyler made it in time to share the beautiful occasion of holding their children for the first time with his wife. I’m sure the two of them will forever treasure the precious moment.

Watch Cydneys reaction to Skyler’s sweet surprise:

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