Camera Catches 30 Hummingbirds Holding a Pool Party!

Nature is beautiful. Birds are some of the most stunning creatures out there. Hummingbirds in particular are definitely one of Mother Nature’s feats. They can move their wings at an astonishing rate of 10-15 times per second. This makes them hover like a helicopter, and this makes them the only bird species that have the ability to fly backwards as well. It’s hard to capture their movements with the naked eye, especially if you aren’t used to seeing them much.

This might be why people put out feeders for them, so they can have a closer look at these pretty guys. A simple mixture of sugar and water is enough to draw them close. But what do hummingbirds do when they’re not eating? Well, just like all other feathered friends, they love to take long baths. The following video shows a one-of a kind pool party, and it’s going to bowl you over!

Hummingbirds usually fly alone, but this stunning footage has managed to capture 30 of them together! It’s rare to see so many hummingbirds in one place like this. It’s really wonderful to watch these guys take a moment to really enjoy themselves. The pool even had a little jet going, so it must have felt like a little Jacuzzi for them!

Just watching them relax like this is quite relaxing to watch, isn’t it? Watch the amazing video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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