They Caught Their Daughter Teaching Her Dog To Hula Hoop, So They Grabbed The Camera

Dogs make the best pets ever. Some might prefer the quiet companionship of cats or even birds, but there is just something about dogs that just wins over you. They are called man’s best friends, and not without reason. They love being around their owners. If you love them, they will give their hearts to you. They are also very loyal to you. Not only that, they will also look after your children and befriend them as well!

Certain breeds of dogs tend to be more suitable around children than others. For example, St. Bernards and even Newfoundland dogs tend to be very gentle. They might look gigantic, but they are big softies inside. Their mild temperament make them the perfect picks to be around kids. If you’re still in doubt, just check out the adorable Newfoundland below!

This little girl was enjoying playtime with her giant pooch. She wanted to play with her hula hoop. Now, it’s not the easiest toy to master, but she was doing her best. What was even more adorable was that she was trying to get her hug dog to play along with her! She didn’t want him to miss out on any of the fun, and it was just too adorable to watch them together!

Check out this amazing video below:

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