Stray Dog Had A Panic Attack When Rescuers Approached Her, But Keep Watching

Dogs are seriously the best animals in the world. They are endlessly loyal and dedicated towards their owners. Once they decide to love you, there is no going back for them. They are just incredible in that respect. Sadly, they aren’t treated the way they should be. Every single day, you hear about so much abuse and pain that they have to go through at the hands of cruel people.

There is so much that needs to be done for them. Thankfully, many animal rescue organizations are working hard to end all injustice and pain inflicted on these innocent animals. For instance, PETA is working against so much animal cruelty. Similarly, Hope For Paws is doing the same for dogs in the United States of America. It is an internationally acclaimed animal rescue organization that has done great work so far.

When this organization got information about a homeless Golden Retriever, they went on a mission to rescue her. After endlessly searching for Clarabelle the dog for five days, they finally managed to find her and surround her. But the arduous task was not over yet. The poor dog was in a state of anxiety as she was being rescued. She must not have known anything but pain and torture till then, so that what why she had such a reaction.

After resisting for quite some time, the pooch was finally under the crew’s control. Clarabelle is very now in very good hands! Check out this amazing video below:

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