Morning Show Hosts Lose It When Weatherman Talks ‘Swinging’ Live On-Air

When you start watching bloopers on YouTube, you will encounter all sorts of silly mistakes. Some are embarrassing and make you cringe while others make you burst out laughing. On this one, I did both and I’m pretty sure you do at least one or the other.

Meteorologist Jordan Witzel announces that it’s a nice day outside and the station has a “get healthy” recommendation called the Participaction segment–combining participation and action. And Jordan says the Participaction for the day is: swinging.

But unfortunately, Jordan confused the activity that occurs on a swingset at playground or the park with the slang term that means sexual partner-swapping. He then goes on criticizing the act. However, halfway through, he realizes the blunder.

The anchors, Amber Schinkel and Scott Fee, burst out in laughter. I couldn’t stop giggling myself. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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