Wild Horse Thanks the Rescuer in the Most Unique Way After Being Freed From Chains

“Good deeds never go unrewarded.” Every day in the news, we hear numerous unpleasant stories. However, right-minded fellows manage to restore our faith in humanity.

Hence, this story is light at the end of the tunnel. In the clip below, a veterinary named Ovidiu Rosu encounters a horse in a dreadful state. Firstly, the four paws vet hits the horse with a tranquilizer. The sole purpose to keep the horse from running. Secondly, Rosu covers its eyes to avoid panic.

Finally, the man unchains the horse with the help of pliers. The entangled wires in its legs make the process hectic. Eventually, the wild creature becomes free. However, the animal thanks to his savior before taking off, with a kiss on the nose. Please share the video to spread awareness.

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