Elegant Friesian Horse Puts on a Show for Awestruck Cows

When you are confident, you have no problem flaunting it. You wish to show it to the world, and you do not hesitate even a little bit. Just like this majestic horse who has no problem flaunting his assets in front of the neighbor’s cows.

Friesian horses are usually exquisite. They have beautiful silky hair and shiny body-fur. And they strut around with so much confidence. Koning the Friesan is one confident horse. And he also knows how to flaunt it in front of others. And this time, his audience is friendly neighborhood cows.

horse shows off to cows

With all his confidence showing, Koning struts around the farm and shows off. The cows are certainly surprised and are a little scared of the giant horse. The horse has a lovely grey jacket on, and he hops around the field with so much grace. But the cows are a little intimidated and run off scared to try to figure out what is happening. One of them dares to come close and sniff the horse.

WATCH the hilarious video below.

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