100 Horses Were on the Brink of Death, Then These 7 Women Risked Their Lives to Save Them

You can never tell when a disaster might strike upon you. It can happen at any time anywhere, and it usually takes you by surprise. It’s difficult to know when a regular storm might turn its back and become really deadly. After a heavy round of rain, a herd of horses in the Netherlands were stranded on a piece of land that became surrounded with water. They were too scared to go to move from the land, and it was taking a toll on them.

Nearly 100 horses were stuck in Marrum, Netherlands back in in 2006. The storm had made seawater rise into the wilderness area outside the dikes of the nearby village. The horses were helplessly stuck on a lowland knoll for three days. They were left without food or water, and the stress and conditions had killed off 19 of them! Rescuers knew they had to act fast for the sake of the remaining horses.

After some grueling moments, finally on the third day, they made an incredible rescue. Another storm was quickly on its way, and they had a small frame of time to save the horses. Some female horse riders formed a team called the Netherlands Horse Rescue. They bravely risked their own lives to save the horses. After some really nerve-wracking moments, the women were finally able to take the horses to safety.

It was an emotionally charged sight when the horses charges across the water with their rescuers. What a stunning rescue indeed!

Check out the full footage below:

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