Watch the Incredible Moment That the Horse Realizes He Can Move and Gallop Again, Without Pain or Suffering

Captivation and capture can mentally torment an animal. Regardless of this, humans tend to capture and captivate animals for their own selfish gains.

People tend to capture many horses in order to help humans get something back whether it is financially or through other many different ways. Veterinarian Ovidiu from Romania witnessed something heartbreaking when he saw Risu. It seemed like Risu was captured for a long time.

When Ovidiu found her, she was in chains. What’s more heartbreaking is the fact that Risu’s ankles were almost cut by the chains. Thankfully, Risu is now safer and her first walk to freedom was successfully filmed. The horse was so grateful that she even collapsed its head with her savior.

There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing an animal getting its fair share and right to freedom. Watch the full video below!

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