German Shepard Heroically Chases Down Armed Suspect, His Bravery Has Captured Millions of Heart

The police have a really hard job to do. They often come under fire these days for using excessive force. But one cannot overlook the good things that they do for us as well. We can sleep peacefully at night thanks to the protection and vigilance of police officers. The following story is about a police officer who had to endure a 9-hour stand-off with an offender, and things got really intense as well.

The suspect was intoxicated on PCP and left the officers on edge for 9 whole hours. He eventually jumped out a window and made a run for it with a gun in his hand. Officer Scott Allen was on the scene that day with his partner, Rambo the German Shepherd. As soon as he saw the suspect flee, he gave Rambo the command to bite. Sure enough, the brave dog caught up with the man and bit the arm that was holding the gun.

Officer Allen believes that Rambo’s quick response in disarming the man, who was on in his right state of mind, was crucial in saving many lives including his own. The man had been running through a residential neighborhood, and things could have taken a seriously bad turn were it not for Rambo’s heroic deed. Apart from this case, Rambo has taken down 46 other bad guys while on duty! Now that is an impressive number indeed.

Check out the full video below:

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