Sly Cat Being Chased By A Dog Plays DeadBy – It Will Make Your Day!

Cats and dogs are natural enemies! Unless you have been training your dog to get along with cats, it’s unlikely that they will be friends. Moreover, dogs usually react by barking and chasing felines if they ever see one. And this particular cat ran into the same situation. However, it had a sneaky trick up its sleeves!

I’m sure you’ve seen cartoons where the animal characters outsmart each other. It’s the entire plot of the classic “Tom and Jerry!” However, this is less often true in real life. But the feline in this short turned out to be less scaredy-cat and more sly! And the vigilant dog is left staring as it knows that it has lost the cat and dog game.

cat plays dead

As the video begins, the beige dog approaches a cat lying on the road. Awww.. the poor thing seems to be injured. Or even worse, dead. Moreover, the sniffing dog keeps distance, seemingly out of respect. But soon enough, the cat wakes up and dashes far away.

The canine chases the elusive creature as an animated tune plays in the background. But alas! The cat sneaks into a crevice leaving the dog to accept defeat. Watch the hilarious video below:

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