Cool Halloween Video Goes from Graveyard to Haunted Mansion – And You’ll Never Believe How it’s Made

Now that Halloween is almost upon us, here’s a neat little video I found that’s not only topical but will make you think.

This video was posted on Twitter by @ZenMaterialistAI, who creates “AI Art.” The AI stands for artificial intelligence and it’s one of the most interesting things you’ll find on the internet today. AI artists don’t draw, they tell the computer–in plain language–what they want to see and the computer shows them sample pictures.

For example they might say they want “skeletons in a graveyard, dancing among the headstones.” They keep refining the pictures by telling the computer different commands. This video was made as a series of still pictures that the artist then told the computer to make into a video by guessing what happens in between!

WATCH this incredible short clip and let us know in the comments what you think!

You can see more of ZenMaterialistAI by clicking on the name link above or here.