While there are sports out there that are easy-going, gymnastics is not one of them. It demands absolute control, power, and prowess. One slight fall and you are any points behind your opponent. A gymnast’s routine is mind-boggling. The way they are capable of confronting their bodies is just inexplicable.

Usually, a women’s collegiate gymnastics includes four significant events: vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise. After powering down the runway, gymnasts execute double handspring to gain momentum a vault act. Then comes the airborne routine. While the uneven bars display a notable flight element from high bar to low. In the balance beam, a gymnast needs to gain total control of their balance.

Last but not least, floor exercise integrates various acts; dynamic and flawless dance moves incorporated with tricky gymnastics. 21-year-old Gracie Kramer’s belongs to the UCLA gymnastics team. Rest assured, you are in for a big treat.

She stunned her crowd with an excellent floor routine. Although initially, the commentators did not hesitate to comment on Grace’s routine as “dark and foreboding”. But as soon as there is a change in music, she powers through.

Please press play and enjoy this fantastic display of total power.

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