Mom Sets Up Hidden Camera When Little Puppy Keeps Escaping, Recorded Footage Is Hilarious

This couple was really happy when they got their brand new Maltese puppy, Sophie. But they soon noticed that the little girl kept escaping from her kennel. They were obviously confused. They had no idea that there was someone else in their house that was behind it all. And that someone was their German Shepherd, Twitch. Twitch would always be near when Sophie made her escapes, so the couple started thinking that maybe he had something to do with it.

To be sure, they installed a hidden camera. You are going to be in stitches when you see what the camera ended up capturing. German Shepherds are known to be some of the most intelligent dog breeds on the planet. They are dogs of action and they need to be active. Sophie’s addition to the family means that Twitch will never be bored now. He has got a new playmate and he doesn’t want her to inside a cage. He wants her out, playing with him.

So as soon as Mom steps away, Twitch steps in to free his new puppy friend. He first removes the towel covering her cage. Then he goes for the latch. We don’t know how he learned that, but he sure is a smart boy! You need to see this to believe it! It is going to blow your mind for sure! Check out the video below and share what you thought about it in the comments section!

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