Cat Tries to Steal German Shepherd’s Bed, Now Watch as His Attempt Hilariously Fails

Many people believe that dogs and cats are the biggest enemies of each other. Everyone thinks that these two species can never get along. But it doesn’t really come as a surprise, especially when you take a moment to think about their different personalities. Dogs are known for their endless energy, enthusiasm and their ability to make friends and get along with almost anyone in the world. Cats, on the other hand, love to laze around and sleep all day, and are very choosy about who they want to be around.

But as with anything, there are exceptions. Some cats and dogs do get along well. The pair in the video is pretty well behaved with each other, but they do tend to get into some scuffle every once in a while. Cats usually don’t care about what others want, and just do their best to get their way. They don’t hesitate to take things that aren’t theirs. The kitty in this video tried to steal the family dog’s, but the dog was not going to let him go that easily.

Many might think that dogs are the scarier one between cats and dogs, but often the opposite is true. Some dogs just don’t have the guts to go against cats. They often wait for their owner to make things better between them. However, Gerty the German Shepherd was not one to sit around and wait for an intervention. When she saw that Mrs. Pepper had taken over her bed, she instantly decided to spring into action. The dog slowly walked towards the cat and stared her down, perhaps to intimidate her. The cat does her best to stand her ground, but ultimately the dog has her way!

Check out the full video below:

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