Loving Big Brother Sings Sweetest Song to Baby Brother Born With Down Syndrome

Having an older brother is a real blessing. They may not show it to you all the time, but they can be very protective and loving. And this particular brother is melting the heart of the internet by taking care of his little sibling. Moreover, his baby brother has down syndrome. But according to the kind kid, “aren’t we all different?”

Nicole Powell and JJ Grieve were beyond ecstatic when they found out that they were going to bring another little one into the world. However, damping news came soon after. Doctors recommended that they terminate the pregnancy as the baby growing in Nicole’s belly had poor health. Fortunately, after a few weeks, the baby had a miraculous recovery, and the family was soon welcoming baby Tripp.

big bro singing

The extra chromosome that the baby was born with meant that he had down syndrome. However, this wouldn’t stop Nicole and JJ nor any of the siblings from loving him less. Moreover, out of his four brothers, Tripp and Rayce, have a special bond. And one of the ways Rayce showers his baby brother with love is by singing to him. Furthermore, in a clip that has been shared over 58,000 times, he cradles Tripp in his arms while singing 10,000 hours. And you can see that he means the lyrics to the song by Dan+ Shay and Justin Bieber. Watch the video below:

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