The Groomsmen Lined Up For the Bride – And Get 15M Views Online!

I’ve posted a few groomsmen dances before but this one is so epic that it got nearly 15 million views on YouTube since it was first posted. Take a look, I think you’re going to like it!

According to the groom, “I came up with this dance as a surprise for my beautiful wife with my mates. We practiced every Wednesday night in my garage for 3 months prior to our wedding. We drank, we ate and we danced every week. My wife had no idea what we were up to, I told her a white lie that she actually believed. She believed I was in a ten pin bowling team, her reaction is priceless! Best surprise.”

The results of all that practice shows in this epic dance. Through a medley of six songs including Beyonce (Single Ladies), Candy Man, Gangham Style and the theme to Dirty Dancing (I’ve Had the Time of My Life), these groomsmen put on a tour de force that will be hard to beat at any wedding.

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