Singing “Monks” Put Gregorian Spin on ‘Sound of Silence’ in Unforgettable Performance

This is one of the most wholesome and mind blowing song covers I have ever heard. I have heard many song covers but this one takes the cake for being the most amazing one.

The monks in this video are all covered in black cloaks which give them all the more Gregorian and dark vibes. This is exactly something we had been missing out on. Something we didn’t even know we needed but needed so much. I love this. The men are phenomenal at what they are doing and we bet you have not seen a performance as good as this one before.

At the beginning of the song, there was only one chanter. Only his face was illuminated by a single spotlight on the otherwise black stage. The stage was bathed in a soothing blue glow to set the mood. As he sang the first lyric, his voice was soft and sweet like an angel’s.

Then everybody sang at once, giving the song a lot more depth. Some of the voices were much deeper than the original angelic toon. When all the singers were gathered together, the Gregorian style was unmistakable.


I really like how things go in this video and the ending will give you chills. Overall, I have heard many covers of this song but this one has to be one with the most different concept and the Gregorian touch to it makes the whole thing much more amazing and wholesome. I am truly impressed by this.

You will love this too. Watch the full video below!

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