Funny Golden Retriever Greets Mom and Dad, His Opposite Reaction Clearly Shows Whom He Loves the Most

We love coming back home to our favorite pets. And the way they greet you is cherishable. However, this dad notices how differently his beloved dog acts when he returns home compared to his wife. So, he decides the entire thing one day. Wait till you see this funny moment captured!

Oshie, the dog, is waiting for his parents to get home. But as dad passes through the door, the Golden Retriever has a lukewarm response. The pooch does even acknowledge his dad. Isn’t it sad? A typical dog would in a total frenzy. I would break into tears if my dog did this to me. Now, watch how he reacts when his mom gets home. The minute the dog senses her presence, he runs to open the front door. And the pooch waits for his mom to come to him with full excitement. The second she opens the door, he zooms like lighting to greet mom. It looks like he shows his energy only when mom’s around. The way the sweet pooch treats her is most heartwarming. Likewise, the pooch his pampering a bit further by carrying her purse. What a good boy!

Can you believe this video garnered an astounding 84k likes? Didn’t the comical reaction towards each of his parents crack you up? This wonderful dog is a successful internal dog star. Watch this video down below: 

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