This Girl’s Reaction to Her Christmas Presents Will Have You Rolling on the Floor

Here’s a precious video that will remind you of all the things we love about Christmas without any of the family drama.

This little two-year-old is opening Christmas presents and she is clearly excited about what she’s getting. And it’s clear that when she’s excited, she has one thing to say: “Oh, goodness!”

In the background you can hear her parents and family laughing, so she’s probably made this particular utterance before. But it’s still so cute that I just had to share it to brighten up your day.

I also wanted to post this video now, after Christmas is over, because sometimes when we’re caught up in the moment at Christmas–cooking, cleaning, getting ready for family or even arguing about minor things–we forget about the Christmas spirit. This little girl’s reaction to her presents is a gentle reminder of what’s really important: being with your family and enjoying the time together.

Watch the short clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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