Giant Great White Shark Was Spotted In Shallow Water, Now The Footage Is Going Viral

The ocean is full of strange and amazing creatures. It’s astonishing to know that humankind has more knowledge about outer space that it does about what is lurking inside the ocean! The ocean covers 70% of the surface of the planet, so it is home to millions of species. One of the most successful creatures in the sea has to be sharks! They have been around for more than 400 million years, so they can be called the perfect predators indeed.

Sadly, even these predators are no match for humans these days. We might be scared of sharks, thanks to their fearsome reputation, which has been made even worse through Hollywood movies like “Jaws”, but 97% of the shark species are harmless to humans. Instead, they have more reason to fear humans, because human activities in the ocean are severely affecting them. In some parts of the world, people hunt sharks for their fins—once the fins are cut, the helpless sharks are simply thrown into the sea.

The shark in the following video was also hurt badly due to a propeller. The propellers from ships are a threat to even the biggest and scariest predators around. This poor guy was severely hurt on his fin by a propeller. He was swimming around in shallow waters. The people who found him thought he was a hammerhead at first, but upon close inspection, they saw that it was a great white shark. Imagine their shock at finding such a predator in such shallow waters.

They wanted to take the shark back to the deeper seas, but they concluded later that the injured shark was in the shallows to recover and rest while feeding on stingrays that re-found abundantly in the shallows.

Check out this amazing video below:

[ytvid id=”-79oB38Jhjk”]

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