Southern Husband Tries His Best to Speak Without His Southern Accent and It’s Hilarious

The earth, as we see it now, is divided into countries, depending on the land size, races, cultures, wealth, and many more. It’s no secret that our curiosity has led to these changes. Within these differences, we hold something that’s personal to us. Our language and with that comes the accent we pronounce.

It’s hard to pick on something new or let go of an old habit. The story below will help you get a better perspective. Brandon was born and raised in Georgia. Hence all his life, he has been talking in his beautiful Southern accent. In the video, his wife, Stephanie Shadrick, challenges Brandon to read without an accent.


For Brandon and many like him, it is a hurdle he has to mount. Initially, he begins fluently in the southern accent. Being a native English speaker, we expect him to excel on some level. But even the simplest word such as Oil can beg for a do-over. The whole scenario is hilarious. Maybe a little intriguing if you want my opinion.

Please press play and enjoy this unusual experiment. Do let us know your long-time habit; that’s not easy to let go of.

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