Comedian Puts a Face Mask on an Audience and Make the Entire Crowd Erupt in Laughter

Nina Conti is famous for her comedic ways. She is also an amazing actress and an even better ventriloquist.

However, Nina can be very unpredictable. She has her own way of doing things and we must admit, this woman never fails to surprise us. In a show of puppets, she decided to make her audience one as well. Now it takes a lot of skills to manipulate a human into acting like a puppet and Nina knows what she is doing.

She puts on a mask on one of her audience and talks for him. Even this man can’t stop laughing at her wicked humor. The man may look uncomfortable and amused by her words, he still seems to enjoy what she is making him do.

What’s funnier is that he does the opposite of what Nina talks about. Watch the full video below!

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