Golden Retriever’s Funny Antics at Dog Competition Are Embarrassing Mom

Dogs are the most loyal creatures in the world. Moreover, they will always be by your side even when you make your biggest mistakes! Which is why it’s essential to return the favor every once in a while. Like when you take your pooch to a dog training competition, and they come out last!

Koira Mestari is a dog competition that is all about speed, focus, and obedience. The setup for the contest is quite simple! There is a long carpet down the middle of the arena where the dogs have to run through. However, there are enticing toys and treats all over the sides of the runway. And this Golden Retriever is more than ready to win the race. That is until he fails miserably!

golden retriever competition

A few competitors come before our star dog. Some of them don’t even flinch when they pass through the tasty delights. It’s the golden retriever’s turn now, and he starts by looking straight with the utmost determination. But a fun looking ball distracts him. Moreover, there’s a delicious tray of snacks that he can’t resist! Soon enough, he’s playing with every toy in his obstacle and is tasting all the food! This surely must be embarrassing to his trainer who comes to take him. But even that’s proving to be a little challenging!

Watch the hilarious video below:

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