Girl Suffers Terribly After Her Fun Slide Turns Into A Deadly Adventure

Everyone loves the good old slide on the waterslide of a waterpark. But what if your excellent fun adventure turns into a nightmare? This girl’s waterslide experience became a horror story, and the trauma inflicted on the waterpark will remain with her forever.

The girl accompanied by four other people lost her grip while sliding down the tube of a waterslide. She falls off as the slide jerks with intensity, and they go back to get her. Upon her fall, she hurt her again and hit her head. Her brother consoled her as she started whimpering because of the pain.

However, the biggest problem was the people hadn’t turn off the ride, so people were still coming down the slide. They start shouting ‘pause it’ to stop the ride. Thankfully, the rescue team comes quickly and takes her away. Another good news, the results after performing the x-ray was that she only got minor bruises.

The entire team of Center Parks was a great help to the girl’s family. The lifeguards had handled the situation calmly and rescued the girl with speed and full responsibility.

WATCH this video below:

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