Cat Comes Up Slowly Behind an Owl – Keep a Close Eye on His Sneaky Act

There are lots of amazing animals on our planet. They have different appearances, different personalities, and characteristics. However, these differences don’t really matter when it comes to making friends. As they say, friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. You might have come across many unusual yet beautiful pair of friends before. But I am sure not many compare to this couple right here! This is one of the weirdest pairings you will ever see.

The interspecies relationship is a thing of wonder. Take, for instance, the bond between this amazing duo below. I have seen many bizarre pairings before, but they are truly one of a kind. Fum is a cat and Gerba is a barn owl. These two live happily together at their home in Andalusia, Spain.

There are lots of differences between the two, but these differences don’t affect their friendship in any way. Wait till you see them play! Fum and Gerba first met each other when they were only one month old.

And according to their owner, they have been inseparable since. They are usually always together. Even when Gerba flies away now and then, he comes back and lands near Fum every single time. Watch these adorable best buds below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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