Here is the Truth About the Stickers on Fruit

Eating fruits can be all fun and tasty but have you ever wondered why they always have stickers on them? Why exactly do the vendors paste such stickers has a few reasons.

The codes on the stickers indicate how the fruit was grown. 4-digit codes (usually starting with 3 or 4) are given to fruits that are conventionally grown. 5-digit codes starting with a 9 are reserved for organics and the ones beginning with 8’s are GMOs. Likewise, the codes are similar everywhere and serve the same purpose as well.

The glue that is used in making these stickers are very safe as well. So, you really don’t have to worry about consuming it right after taking off the sticker. Many people in the world tend to make art out of these stickers. Barry Snyder is an artist out of Colorado, who takes old fruit labels and turns them into mosaic art. There are so many other reasons like multi-tasking fruits as well as collectibles.

To learn more, you should definitely check this video. Watch the full video below!

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