Every little kid likes to play games with dad and it seems like all pets want to play games with their owners. Here’s a video that combines both of those: Dad is playing a game with son and the family German shepherd wants to get in on the act. Which leads to fun times…

In this video, we see Dad and Son playing a fun game–Dad picks up Son and throws him across the room to land on the bed. It’s the kind of game every kid loves to play because they’re forever asking Dad to swing them around or otherwise get them into the air. When you’re little it seems like flying.

But the real fun starts pretty quickly, when the family German shepherd decides he wants to be thrown too.

So Dad obliges! He pats his chest and the dog jumps up into his arms, then he throws him across the room onto the bed, just like his brother! And the dog can’t get enough–he keeps coming back for more!

This is amazing. Watch the video from Twitter below!

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