Flashmob Dance Wows Woman in Park – But You’ll Love What Happens Next

We love to see people get pleasant surprises and this flashmob video is both fun and heartwarming.

It was an idyllic day at the park in Stockholm, Sweden. Ed Sheeran’s “Slow Dancing in the Dark” plays on a CD player, people strolling around, and a group of young girls dancing in the square. A beautiful young woman sits with an older couple, chatting and watching the dancing.

The group is mildly surprised as the group of dancers grows and grows, seemingly at random, when new people take up the dance. After a bit it’s clear that it’s a flashmob, all performing choreographed moves together.

As the flashmob continues to grow (to 65 people!), the music switches to Bruno Mars and the square looks more like a dance show than a park. But what happens next will melt your heart as it becomes clear this was one big setup!

So cool. Watch the full video below!

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