Five-year-old is So Sick of the House Rules – So He Takes Matter Onto His Own Hands

Sometimes life can be pretty tiring. No matter how old you are, you might get tired of following rules at all times.

This kid was more than tired of the rules at home. So, he decided to change things here and there and packed his bags up. Well, it is kind of hilarious and sad at the same time to think of a little kid who is already so fed up with his home and the rules in it. We all have faced similar situations when we were younger as soon as minor and stupid inconveniences occurred.

The mom asked the boy what he had in his backpack. The child responded that it was toys and stuffed animals. Well, is this not all that a kid needs to start an independent and happy life away from home. The mom seemed to be just as amused as we are. This is one of the most wholesome things you will find on the internet.

The boy is just too cute to handle. Watch the full video below!

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