5 boys come to stage as the Jackson 5. Their incredible performance will leave you grooving!

The Jackson 5 were five brothers from Indiana who became pop sensations in the late 1960s. Additionally, the group made history by being the first group to have their hits reach number one, four consecutive times in the ‘Billboard Hot 100.’

The five boys in the video below are students of Baldwin Hills Elementary School, LA. These 3rd graders sport a very familiar look during their talent show. You’d think that children nowadays wouldn’t even know the Jackson 5. But this performance will prove that thought wrong!

jackson 5 kids perform

All the boys are lined up on stage, with two of the boys holding guitars. We already know their performance is going to be amazing from the electric blue outfits they are wearing. However, when the beat drops, your jaws will fall to the floor. These kids give such a dynamic performance to Jackson 5’s hit “I Want You Back.” You’ll feel alive again watching these youngsters having the time of their life on the stage. Moreover, their groovy style will transport you right back to the good old times. Watch the whole performance here:

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