I have always been fascinated by the charismatic aura of horses so when I saw this video I was naturally attracted to it. But what this video showed was truly beyond my imagination. When Champ and his family of wild stallions were grazing along the bank of the Salt River in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest, a new group of wild horses arrived at the opposite bank of the river.

Naturally the former group showed interest on their new neighbors so some of them begin to cross the river. A little adorable horse was attracted too, so she tried crossing the river. Unfortunately a strong current forced the young filly to break from the group. She was almost swept downstream. But just then, Champ, a young stallion broke from his group and headed for her rescue.

I was so touched by Champ’s gesture. I seriously hadn’t expected him to do this. Watch this video and share your thoughts on the video through Comments. We would love to hear from you!

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