Toddler Storms In and Picks Hilarious Fight With Dad for Playing With Her Toys

Children learn what they are taught. That’s a fact of life that parents need to learn early on! Moreover, it’s easier to explain something to the little ones if you lead by example. For example, if you want your kids to leave your belongings alone, you have to stay away from their stuff! However, this Dad doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo. So, his tiny daughter teaches him a lesson!

A child’s prized possession is usually their toys. Some trinkets are so special that they let no one else touch them. For Tegan Purdy, that exceptional toy happens to be her maracas! Although it may be a red plastic music instrument for some, it’s the little girl’s treasure. And this is why she picks up a fight with her father for toying around!

When he starts playing the Maracas, and the angry toddler runs in the room, yelling, “No!” Moreover, she snatches it from Dad’s hands and places it on the couch beside him and runs off. But Dad sneaks it back and starts having fun again!

The toddler storms in once more, lecturing her father with a barrage of no’s. She even puts the Maracas further away on another couch. However, he touches it again, and she comes back, having had enough of it. So, she does what she should have from the first, and takes it away!

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