Arrogant Cop Pulls Over Her For A Ridiculous Reason And Immediately Gets Slammed

Lawyers surely know how to deal with just about any situation. But so do the police.

A video went viral on Facebook and it had everyone scratching their heads. Why would police argue with a lawyer? Well, the thing is a bit complicated. It all started with a small reason but it definitely did not end as well as it should have been. Also, I did not know who to side with so let’s just remain neutral.

Female Lawyer Pulled Over

The cop was not liking the tone of the woman’s voice. And, it may sound like a small deal to you but it most certainly was not the smallest deal a cop would be willing to deal with. Well, we will never know why the cop was so pissed by her tone but okay. Many people understand the concerns about copper too.

What do you think about this? Watch the full video below!

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