105-Year-Old Grandma Hilariously Curses Her Sister For Prank Calling Her

Two sisters named Gramma and Ginga aged 105 and 100 are making the internet laugh as videos of their bickering are uploaded online. The two sisters, even though they don’t live with each other are both from Clarksburg, West Virginia. They grandchildren capture their funny arguments and shenanigans and upload it online with their videos getting millions of views. They even launched their own brand and a website.

Gramma’s grandson was taking a video while she walks with her support. Suddenly, the phone’s ring echoes inside the room and she turned around to answer it. It looks like she already knows who would be calling in the early morning as instead of a “hello”, she answered it with a “what do you want?”. On the other side of the phone, a woman’s laugh can be heard – Ginga’s. Gramma told her to stop laughing and even said that she “ain’t got no time for that shit”. Ginga without any complaints just said, “alright, goodbye” and hangs up the phone.

The grandson who was taking the video was laughing at the quick encounter and continued to capture his grandmother. She asks him if she heard Ginga laughing to which he answered yes. He even said that she’s like a “prank caller”. Gramma continues to rant about why Ginga would call in the morning when she still has a lot to do. And it wasn’t the first time it happened, she said that her sister calls her every morning. After this, the conversation with her grandson quickly changed to the hot peppers on the table.

The two even at their old age continues to enjoy their life while sharing laughter all over the world. Watch the hilarious video here:

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