Footage Shows A 2-year Old Toddler Fearlessly Walking Into A Gas Station, Middle Of The Night

A dark street can be frightening for adults. No one knows what or who could be lurking in the shadows. That is why when Muhammad Bazzi, a convenience store owner at a gas station saw a toddler inside his store, he was very shocked. He could not comprehend how a young child appeared inside his store at 11 in the evening without adult supervision. The child walked around the aisles of the store alone and went to the counter with two pennies asking for sweets. After he realized that she was alone, she contacted the police and took her to the back of the store to keep her safe.

The security camera footage shows the child wearing a coat and boots walking down the dark busy street and into the store. She opens the door herself and wandered inside the store. Inside edition showed how dark it was on the road that is definitely not safe for a small child to just walk by. Road was also busy with vehicles passing by every now and then.

Source: Youtube

After the police arrived at the store, they took her into custody. No one knew where the child came from until they searched for her parents who arrived after an hour. Chief Kevin Coney of the Highland Park Police Station scolded them. Apparently, the child’s family lived in an apartment complex close to the gasoline station convenience store and it seemed like they were upstairs when the child put on her coat and boots and left the house. The child is “very lucky and very smart”.

People are amazed by the child. Her guardian angel must have been very busy during that night she walked out of their house. Watch the video here:

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