Everybody Thought That This Leopard Was Extinct. Until This Wildlife Expert Caught It on Camera!

Scientists have estimated that about a dozen species of animals go extinct every day. Among these animals is the Zanzibar Leopard. This leopard used to be the biggest land carnivore on the island of Tanzania. That is until they went extinct from hunting and poaching. Consequently, no one has sighted the predator for 25 years— until now!

There was a legend among locals of Zanzibar saying that leopards were sent by witches to hurt humans. Due to this, they were hunted until none of them were believed to be left. The host of the show “Extinct or Alive,” Forrest Galante was the man leading the team to search for the leopard. Additionally, the animal expert had set the bait and a camera trap in the hope of finding the beautiful creature.

extinct capture

In a fantastic moment, the camera crew captures the leopard prowling in the Zanzibar jungle. It’s an incredible moment when the team and especially Galante are in a state of disbelief. They can’t believe that they managed to capture the “extinct” big cat! Watch the clip to see their reactions:

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