Elvis Presley’s Family Released Some Shocking News Wait Till You See How They Honour the King of Rock & Roll

Elvis Presley was no doubt one of the best artists we had the chance to witness. And he will remain as one. He might have left us too soon, but his incredible charm still lives on in our hearts. Fortunately he left his beautiful music behind for us. For all you Elvis fans out there, we have got good and exciting news!

Elvis estate has just announced this incredible update. An upcoming compilation of Elvis Presley’s songs, newly set to an orchestra, is about to be released on the 30th of October! This album includes an amazing interpretation of “An American Trilogy”, which will also features Duane Eddy on guitar and a full orchestra alongside the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.


This was a special way of honoring The King of Roll & Roll don’t you think? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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