Elephants Stranded in the Middle of the Sea Cried for Help, Then a Dramatic Rescue Unfolds

Soldiers are always trained to be prepared for any moment. This applies to the navy as well. But the naval officers in this were put out of their comfort zone when they saw 2 elephants struggling to keep their heads and trunks out of the water and just breathe.

Strong currents swept the elephants out of their depth, but the brave pair stuck by one and other marching on blindly, their eyes infrequently breaking the surface of the water to see.

The rescuers tied ropes to the elephants to guide them back to shallow water and made sure the path back was clear of any boats.

You can feel the relief flood in the moment they were finally able to stand and breathe. It’s such a beautiful moment when they walk up the beach, most importantly together.

These elephants were lucky to have been found by such amazing officers, don’t you agree?

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