Poor Elephant Calmly Asks for Help From a Human After a Painful Bullet Injury

Elephants are the majestic mammals of the wild. Due to their size, they tend to become easy targets of hunters.

In the clip below, an elephant strolls too close to a vehicle. At first, this event takes the doctors by surprise’. Eventually, they realize that the animal is seeking medical care. The vets shot a gentle giant with a tranquilizer and close its eyes to avoid panic. Upon close inspection, they figure out the animal has a bullet wound in its head.

After a thorough x-ray, the status becomes more apparent. However, taking the creature in the hospital could be fatal. So, without wasting any further time, the vets operate in the wild. Luckily, the operation was successful and saved the elephant’s life. The wild creature was safe and now had a name, “Pretty boy” given by the doctors. Please share this story around as a step towards awareness. Animals endangerment is punishable by the law.

Please shower support for our pretty boy for a speedy recovery.