Dog Steals The Show When Street Performers Fail To Keep Up With His Spinning Act

Dogs are surely gifts from heaven. No matter what they do, we cannot help but smile. These fluffy creatures will go to any lengths to prove their faithfulness and sometimes…to get your attention! Just like this particular dog in the video who saw some breakdancers flaunting their moves. But he seems to be the attention-seeking kind and here’s what he does to get the spotlight…

The following video was recorded by a passerby who was taking a walk in a park. A bunch of breakdancers who often bust some moves at the park are doing the same in the video. They usually have some friendly dogs around them, enjoying their performances. However, this particular bundle of fur wanted all eyes on him!

WATCH this dog’s dance-off against the breakdancers! One of the dancers even stops to applaud for him. Seems like dancing is in his blood!

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